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How to Use Udemy to Increase Your Credibility & Your Bottom Line

24 February in BLOG, EVENTs, Social Media, Uncategorized

THIS EVENT IS A LIVE TRAINING WEBINAR (free to members) AND THE DATE, TIME AND COST are listed BELOW Women in Ecommerce Presents   How to Create and Sell Courses on Udemy to Increase Your Credibility and Your Bottom Line*** Featuring Marguerite Beaty - Author, Photographer, Instructor, Speaker NEW DATE: Thursday, March 30, 2016 TIME:...

"3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Affiliate Income with Periscope"

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Affiliate Income With Periscope

16 December in Affiliate Marketing, BLOG, copywriting, Ecommerce, Periscope, Social Media

Periscope is Twitter’s live streaming video app that has become hugely popular since its release in early 2015. Marketers are flocking to the app, but few know how to really monetize it to make the most money. Here’s how to use Periscope to boost your...