What is the Women’s ECommerce Association, International – Women in Ecommerce™?


Women in Ecommerce™ (often referred to by the acronym WECAI™) is an online, international community comprised of women who do business with other women (and men) on the Web. WECAI™ is a not-for-profit, professional organization for individuals with an interest in doing business on the WEB. Women in Ecommerce™ is dedicated to the advancement of women in business, industry, education and science.


Why was Women in Ecommerce™ created?


Women in Ecommerce™ was created to give women who do business on the Web the opportunity to find and do business with other women on the Web locally and internationally. Heidi Richards, the founder realized how valuable her own international network of women had become for her to network and do business with. WECAI™ is the community from which Heidi can share her resources as well as expand her own network.

What are the Vision and Mission of Women in Ecommerce™?

Our Vision is: “To promote the development of the economically empowered woman, connect and support the growing web presence of women online, customers and women running e-businesses around the world through our Educational and Networking Programs both online and offline.”

Our Mission is: “To Help Women Do More Business on and off the WEB!”

What are the goals of the organization?

Our goals are:
• To promote the healthy development of e-commerce among women;
• To provide educational resources for women to continue to achieve economic prosperity and stature in e-commerce;
• To provide world-class networking opportunities for women both locally and globally;
• To encourage the growth of existing business and industry while offering guidance to new firms or individuals seeking assistance through our educational resources;
• To further the business and professional interests of WECAI™ members;
• To do business with and promote other ecommerce sites owned and operated by women;
• To raise money for scholarships for women who wish to expand their businesses online;
• To recognize and reward women for their contributions in e-commerce and the communities they serve; and
• To create an international registry of women in ecommerce with a certification program to establish and further their business credibility.

How can I join Women in Ecommerce™?

You can join Women in Ecommerce™ by going to our Join Us page, choosing the level at which you wish to join and completing the online profile from there. If you prefer to pay by check, you may use this downloadable APPLICATION FORM (right click to download the pdf and mail it with the appropriate dues to  our Corporate Headquarters P.O. Box 550856 – Fort Lauderdale, FL 33355. For a list of benefits and resources we provide to our members visit the Member Benefits page.

How can I become more involved in Women in Ecommerce™?

We have many opportunities for you to become involved. When you join, you can sign up for or even lead, one of the many forums we host. If you are really ambitious, you can help coordinate a Chapter in your part of the world. You might even want to lead it! You can write and submit articles to WECommerce News, our bi-weekly ezine, WE Magazine for Women our quarterly digital magazine and blog. You can write and submit articles to our new business resources section and you can even apply to become a member of our faculty of our online learning portal, WEcademy™. Contact us so we can see how we can help you achieve your goals.

What do I do with the media/press releases you send to me?

The media/press releases are used to send to any contacts you feel would be interested in your news. It is a great way to get publicity for your company or organization and to call attention to Women in Ecommerce. Simply fill in the blanks (those things highlighted in red) and send the release to any of your media contacts. Your contacts could and should include your local newspapers, radio and television stations and trade or professional journals/magazines. Be sure to include any other professional organizations to which you belong in your media database. If you do not have their preferred contact information, call them and ask to whom to send it to and if they prefer releases be sent via fax or email.
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Is the Women in Ecommerce site payment form secure?

On Women in Ecommerce our SSL certificate is prominently displayed on every page so that our members and guests can feel assured when making a transaction on our site. You can view our SSL towards the bottom of each page on the left menu bar. Simply put your cursor over the SSL and you will see our creditials displayed, and if you click on the icon you will see complete creditials for Women in Ecommerce/WECAI. Women in Ecommerce/WECAI is secured through Comodo Group (www.comodogroup.com) and Trust Logo (www.trustlogo.com).

Where are you located and how can you be reached?

Our Corporate Headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in North America.

Our address is:

WECAI Headquarters
P.O. Box 550856
Fort, Lauderdale, FL 33355-0856 USA
European Office:

WECAI EU Headquarters
Rua de Evora,
Lote 24 – 5° Esq.
Bairro do Alcaide 2755 – 280
Cascais, Portugal